If you are a medical plan participant, you are also eligible for an annual preventive vision exam under your medical plan. As long as you use your medical plan provider’s network and the provider bills the vision exam as a routine exam, the exam will be covered in full.

If you are interested in additional vision coverage or waive our medical insurance, the DeltaVision Preferred plan may be a good fit for you. DeltaVision offers a voluntary vision plan administered by EyeMed Vision Care, one of the nation’s leading vision providers. This plan includes coverage for important preventive eye care, eyewear and discounts on laser vision correction. Since this is a voluntary plan, the total premium cost is paid by you on a pre-tax basis.

Access a list of providers by visiting Delta Vision and click the “Provider Search” tab in the drop-down box to identify providers in the Access provider network, or call (866) 723-0513.